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Clock Tower also known as “Ghanta Ghar” is a popular landmark of Jodhpur. It is almost 300 hundred years old clock tower which has witnessed several ups and downs in the history of Jodhpur. Today, it is recognised as prime tourist attractions for travellers across the world. The view of fort from the tower is panoramic and captivating to behold by any travellers to the city. Adjacent to this tower is Sardar market which has derived its name after the same ruler who constructed the historic landmark of clock tower. Varieties of items are sold in the market ranging from handicrafts, sarees, bangles etc, which would tempt the travellers especially the women towards these colourful and fine items.

Historical significance

Jodhpur is a historical town alluring people to explore its rich culture and heritage. Adding to its charm, clock tower is an important chapter in the history book of Jodhpur preserving some fascinating facts and interesting stories. It is said that this tower was erected by Maharaja Sardar Singh during his regime from 1880 to 1911. An interesting story is associated with the construction of this tower. According to the local people during British era, Polo was a popular game in Rajasthan and once the local team of Jodhpur won a polo tournament and they were awarded with the

huge English clock. Maharaja Sardar Singh to express his thanks and honour to the players is said to build this clock tower in the middle of the market so that this memento is shared with local people of the town.

Architectural significance

Located at the centre of the city in Sardar Market, one can find this tower to dominate the entire scenario in and around. An interesting aspect about this clock tower is related to its architecture. Unlike, other clock tower in the country that reflects an immense influence of gothic style, the Ghanta Ghar in Jodhpur is symbolic to Indian architectural style. The architecture of the clock tower is quite simple yet very appealing. This century old clock tower has a three storied floor and at the topmost floor is an English clock still ticking.

Tourism significance

Although this clock tower is not much popular amidst the tourist circuits visiting the Jodhpur city, but it is anticipated that in the later years it will emerge as an important tourist attractions in Jodhpur. Being located in the centre of the market, the tourist arriving here are not only offered with the magnificent site of the tower and the spectacular view of the distantly situated fort from its top, but has also allowed visitors  to purchase a souvenir or two back to home for their dear ones and as a remembrance. Sardar Market is an ideal place for shopping freaks especially women looking for purchasing speciality items. They can purchase hand bags, jewellery, Bandhej sarees and local handicrafts. Besides, the travellers must visit this market to experience the rush and the crowd here even if they don’t intent to buy anything. A tour through this market gives travellers a traditional village bazaar experience. All these aspects are considered to contribute positively in the growth and development of the tourism in and around the clock tower.

Best Time to Visit

The most ideal time to visit the clock tower is after 5.30 pm because after its get dark this tower is lit with bright light which is spectacular to behold by the travellers and the climate during this time is also pleasant to stroll through the market.

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